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Ten Instruction for Good Safety Habits I n most everything we do, we find a “trick” to make the process easier and faster. After we develo...

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Friday, 11 May 2018

PPE - Head Protection

Personal Protective Equipment - Head Protection

Image result for safety helmetSafety Helmet/ Hard Hat or Tough Hat made of high impact, heat and chemical resistant
Helmets can be fitted with a variety of additional Personal Protective Equipment's such as:
  • Helmet Mountable Ear Defenders
  • Welding Screens
  • Poly Carbonate Visors

The Unique Features of Safety Helmets are:-

  • Triple corrugation of the shell giving it an increased impact resistant quality.
  • The Helmet is made of specially formulated polymer which gives it in 
    increased strength.
  • The four point attachment of the cradle within the shell has a unique 
    angular placement to provide optimum shock absorption.
  • The head band is made of non irritant and soft fabric to provide maximum 
    comfort to the user.
  • Helmet is provided with an adjustable chin strap for universal adjustment.
  • Comes with both Ratchet type and Manual adjustment to suit most head 
    sizes. Duly ISI Marked & DGMS Approved.
  • The Helmet is provided in a vast range of colors which are stabilized against
    Ultra Violet degradation through appropriate UV Stabilizers.