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Wednesday, 26 June 2019



Safety “Tool Box” talks provide an excellent means of delivering proper training to safeguard against the hazards that can exist at any workplace.


 For effective delivery of safety Tool Box talks, the trainer/presenter shall consider the following 5 points:

1. Safety “Tool Box” talks should be presented – not read from paper!

During infrastructural development phase in Europe the team of workers under SUPERVISOR/ ENGINEER used to carry the heavy Tool Box to the job site/work place.

After placing the Tool Box near the job site to relax, they used to stand around it, being the senior person of team, the Supervisor/Foreman would to sit on Tool Box to give briefing to the workers about the task of the day, assign the work to task groups, procedure of the work, potential hazard, signals to be used and precautions to be taken during the work.

This means the presenter shall review the work related Safe work procedure(SWP) /Tool Box Talk(TBT) note before the meeting, and then present the topic. During this briefing he could refer some note for discussion but again the presenter shall not just read a Tool Box talk note or SWP.

2. The Supervisor/Foreman or other competent person shall present safety “Tool Box” talks. This important task of “Tool Box” safety training shall not be delegated to other one, this shall be presented by a credible supervisor or person of similar responsibility, who understand well the importance and seriousness of this important task.

3. Safety “Tool Box” talks shall address the hazards at relevant workplace. It is also possible to lose the attention of attending employees and workers, to avoid this situation effort shall be made to make the Tool Box Talks session interactive on focused issue.

4. Safety “Tool Box” talks shall be quick and focused on one specific hazard or issue. Duration shall be no longer than 5-10 minutes. To ensure the message is received by participants, an oral test shall be conducted and recorded by presenter.

5. The record of Tool Box Talks sessions shall be maintained on TOOL BOX TALK TRAINING AND CONSULTATION RECORD DOC. and it to be maintained for minimum 2 year or as per company retention policy or local rules and regulation with copy to Safety Department.